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User Tabatha
Size Oceanic Biocube 8 Gallons
Date Started 28 Dec 07
Lighting Two Coralife compact fluorescent lamps, lunar blue LED lights.
Equipment Integrated wet/dry filtration with dual overflow intakes, UL listed submersible pump with adjustable discharge nozzle and dual fans to dissipate heat.
CO2 Seachem Flourish Excel .3mL/day.
Substrate Seachem Flourite
Parameters pH: 7.3, NO2: 0.3, GH: 23, KH: 3, NH: 0 - 0.25; CO2: 5
Fertilization Seachem Flourish
Plants Amazon sword (newbie mistake, too big for tank), Glossostima, Anubia Nana, Watersprite, Java fern, Java moss & Moss ball
Inhabitants Two Amano shrimp, three Red Phantom Tetra, three Cardinal Tetra, three Harlequin Rasbora Tetra.
Comments First planted tank, plants need to mature and added/edited as time goes by.
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Tank Jan1408.jpg
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