Cricket 20H - Your Tanks
User Cricket
Size 20H
Date Started 2/8/2013
Lighting Aquaticlife Dual Lamp T5HO
Equipment Aqueon Quietflow 10 Hydor THEO 150w heater (Eventually switching to an Aquaclear 30)
CO2 Dosing Excel
Substrate 30 lb Flourite Dark
Parameters Ammonia - 0 ppm Nitrite - 0 ppm Nitrate - < 5 ppm pH - 7.4 GH/KH - tbd
Plants 2x Echinodorus amazonicus 1x Rotala indica 1x Crytocoryne lutea
Inhabitants 2x German Blue Ram 2x Guppy 2x Glofish (Looking to rehome) 2x Otocinclus
Comments Once I get a glass canopy I'm going to start using RO for water changes, looking to try DIY CO2. Also everything is really hideous right now. I'm working on it. D:
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