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User nemosreef
Size 38 Gallon.
Date Started 10/28/07
Lighting Coralife PC 192 Watts
Equipment Rena Filstar XP 2.
CO2 Flourish Excell 9ml. everyday.
Substrate EcoComplete.
Parameters PH 7.2, KH 4, 78 degrees.
Fertilization Flourish 4ml. 3 times weekly, Flourish Potassium 4 ml 3 times weekly, Flourish Iron 4ml. 3 times weekly.
Plants Ludwigia Arcuata + Repens, Limnophilia Aquatica, Ludwigia Arciata, Rotala Indica, Star Grass, Ludwigia Repens, Limnophilia Aromatica, Hygropilia Polysperma, Myriophylum Mattagrossense Didiplis Diandra, Ludwigia Ovalis, Hygophilia Difformi, Ludwigia Glandulosa.
Inhabitants fish. 12 Rummynose Tetras, 10 Harlequin Rasboras, 16 Neon Tetras, 4 Glowlite Tetras, 5 Roundbared Barbs, 9 Glowlite Danios, 6 Whitefin Rosey Tetras, 10 Green fire Tetras, 4 Cory Cats, 7 Botia Striatas, 7 Otocinclus, 2 SAE, 3 Hummingbird Tetras. INVERTS. Too many Red Cherry Shrimp to list. 7 Ammano Shrimp.
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Planted Member
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Wow, what a beautifull tank!
Algae Grower
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do you have a larger photo you could upload somewhere? Would like to see more in its grandiosity

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