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User BiscuitSlayer
Size 29 Gallons
Date Started Sometime in 2002
Lighting 130 Watt Coralife Fixture with 1 10,000K bulb (front) and 1 6700K bulb (rear) Photoperiod is 8 Hours (2PM to 10PM)
Equipment Rena Filstar XP2 Hydor Submersible 150W Heater
CO2 Milwaukee MA957 Regulator DIY (Rex Like) Reactor 2 to 3 bps
Substrate Ecocomplete
Parameters Ph - 6.0 Amonia - 0 ppm Nitrites - 0 ppm Nitrates - Seara test kit says 50 ppm, but I think otherwise.
Fertilization EI Method: 1/4Tsp-KN03 3x a week 1/16 Tsp-KH2P04 3x aweek 1/8 Tsp-K2S04 3x a week Flourish micros - 5ml 3x a week Flourish FE - 2-3ml 3x a week
Plants Anubias Nana Wisteria Rotalla Wallichii Broad Leafed Luigia Amazon Sword (Small) Purple Cabomba Rotalla Magenta Glossostigma
Inhabitants Glowlight Tetras Cardnial Tetras Harlequin Rasboras Ottos Ghost Shrimp
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