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User Ashok
Size 29
Date Started Sep 2007
Lighting 55 watt PC 6700K 38 watt Corallife Freshwater T5.
Equipment Hagen ladder, GFCI, Timer for lights. Two heaters (it's chicago)
CO2 Hagen ladder system.
Substrate Eco complete, black sand mixed with some pebbles.
Fertilization Flourish tabs, Pfertz complete set of fertz. About half the recommended dosage.
Plants Java fern, dwarf hair grass, don't remember the names of the others.
Inhabitants Silver tip tetra x 8, Head and tail light tetra x 8, Neon x 4.
Comments 50% water changes a week (sometimes every other week :-) ).
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Taryn Nation
Algae Grower
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Wow I think this is my fav
Planted Tank Obsessed
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nice colors.
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