coldfusionpower 4x2x1.5 - Your Tanks
User coldfusionpower
Size 4x2x1.5
Date Started 10 November 2007
Lighting Two unit of Dymax 4 footer casing with Dynax PLL 55w
Equipment 2 canister filter installed in series (one is mechanical and another is biofilter), high cfm fans
CO2 9kg tank , manual regulator, needle valve, buble counter, two check valve, Mr.Aqua CO2 diffuser
Substrate ADA Amazonia II with holland sand ontop
Parameters dont know
Fertilization non
Plants dont know their names
Inhabitants harlequin x 2 , rummy nose tetra x 5 , SAE x 5 , Otto x 15 , yamato x 5 , bee shrimp x 11
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