CLEVETRON 37 gallon - Your Tanks
Size 37 gallon
Date Started 11-25-12
Lighting Aquatic Life 4-Bulb T5 HO. 1 x 10,000k, 1 x 6,000k midday, 2 x 5,800k AquaFlora
Equipment Fluval 105 Cannister (Matrix, Purigen, Floss) RIO Powerhead Tetra Whisper 40 Air Pump
CO2 Fluval 88
Substrate Laterite, Miracle-GRO Organic potting soil, crushed coral, black sand.
Parameters pH = 6.4 Temp = 78 F
Fertilization Leaf Zone - Weekly
Plants Crinum calamastratum Compacta Duck Weed Water Lettuce Java Moss Marimo Chain Sword Red Jungle Val Corkscrew Val Anubias barteri Aponogeton crispus Ludwigia palustris Ludwigia repens Ludwigia sp. Cryptocoryne wendtii Cobomba Cardinal Flower Sword sp. Wisteria Rotala indica
Inhabitants 6 Otocinclus 3 Albino Cory Cat 1 High Fin Albino Cory Cat 4 Julii Cory Cat 7 Harlequin Rasbora 13 Glowlight Tetra 2 German Blue Ram 1 Lorocaria Cat 5 Amano Shrimp 5 Cherry Shrimp 1 Black Apple Snail 1 Gold Apple Snail
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Algae Grower
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This is a great tank and very interesting to look at!
Junior Member
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Thanks! It's my baby. I really miss my 74 gallon and all of my aggressive fish, but this tank is an absolute pleasure to maintain.
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