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User shwerm601
Size 29 gallons
Date Started 12/10/2007
Lighting 1x65 watt Coralife 6500K
Equipment HOB filter (I know not recomended but this is a trial) I am hoping by keeping tank full topped off there will not be water agitation on surface for allow c02 dissipation. With full glass lid, evaporation is quite minimal. The driftwood was quite large causing a division in my tank, prohibiting the left side from being filtered. Simple Fix: Add another HOB filter! Everythings in check, nice current and all.
CO2 DIY yeast system with submerisible diffuser, at night I unhook the c02 supply from intake tube and let the c02 submersible diffuser diffuse 02. Works quite well.
Substrate Soil Master Select, great but dirty as all hell. Wash 10Xs after you think you washed 10xs too many! Trust me
Parameters Month 2:
temp 78-80
pH 6.4
Ammonia .00
Nitrite 0.0
Nitrate 0.0-0.5
Fertilization LFS didn't have Seachem Flourish so I went with Florapride by TetraPlant, ordered ferts from rexgrigg awaiting shipment!
Plants Java Fern
Narrow-Leaf Hygrophila
Dwarf Sagittaria
patches of glosso/riccia and pictures will be posted soon.
Inhabitants 3 siamese algae eaters, 3 yo-yo loaches
1 ghost shrimp (hes a survivor trust me)
1 clown pleco
Adding a school of cardinal tetras/rummynose tetras or something alike, havnt decided yet.
Comments So far the tank has been a great experience, I am only familar with freshwater. Never done a planted tank, so far no dead fish, all plants are setting in nicely, and algae free!(knock on wood) Second Month of operation update: Things have gone great, had a green dust algae on the glass but so far it seems in check once I changed yeast solution. Very excited to see it a few more months from now once it fills in.
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camera problems will have pics soon, recently added riccia and glosso up in the front parts a few came uprooted either from heavy water flow from filters or fish causing a ruckus on the bottom. Growing well, got c02 checker (Works great), and just got ferts in the mail from wonderful now the real growth should start... also added an albino cory to go along with the rest of them.
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