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User bastalker
Size 125G
Date Started 12/19/07 My Christmas present...
Lighting Aqua Medic 4x54 10,000k's. Running 2 lights for 8 hours a day
Equipment 2 XP3's, 2 300W external heaters
CO2 Flourish excel when I remember
Substrate Soil Master Select (red)
Fertilization lots of fish an food
Plants amazon swords anubias, crypts, an moss
Inhabitants 8 Wild Green Discus, , 3 clowns, 8 rummy noses, 8 congo tetras, ottos, sae's, 3 brittle noses
Comments Just a low tech, low maintenence tank
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Planted Tank Guru
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Very, very nice tank!!!!! You should give it to me, nah, just kidding!!! :) Thanks for posting this, its amazing
Wannabe Guru
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Algae Grower
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Elegant and befitting the grace of the Discus. Stunning!
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