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User QualityCuddles
Size 8 Gallon
Date Started 22 January 2013
Lighting Fluval 13 Watt Compact Fluorescent 6400K, Full Spectrum.
Equipment Aqueon QuietFlow AT15 filter 66gph LED Light bar & Bubble bar - external air pump
CO2 None
Substrate Fluval shrimp substrate (came with the tank setup)
Parameters GH: 30 KH: 0-15 pH: 6.0-6.3 NO2: 0.5-1 NO3: 20-40
Fertilization Was using the SeaChem Flourish Comprehensive Supplement, but then we had 2 dead shrimp. Stopped the Flourish for now to monitor shrimp.
Plants Dwarf Grass Narrow Leaf Java Fern Java Moss Marimo Moss Ball Water Wisteria Banana Plant Micro Sword Anacharis (Brazilian Waterweed) 1 Piece of Bog/Driftwood - Had some early issues with driftwood fungus, boiled the wood for 2-3 hours, then baked for another hour, fungus still came back. Luckily our Siamese Algae Eater grew an appetite for the fungus and it isn't a problem anymore.
Inhabitants 1 Male Betta - Temporarily removed due to scrape on his head - scratched off some scales on a sharp edge of our filter. 5 Rummy Nose Tetras - We've had to replace about 4 of them, we had a few die early on, possibly from pH fluctuation. One is really skinny and isn't eating right now. We're going to isolate him in a breeder box and try blood worms instead of the Tropical Crisps we feed now. 5 Cardinal Tetras - These guys are growing much slower than the Rummies, but seem to be eating and act normal. One of them doesn't school with the group, kind of hangs out by himself, but he's eating and his color looks really good. 1 Siamese Algae Eater - Holy cow he's grown so fast! He's probably doubled in size since we got him less than a month ago. 5 Red Cherry Shrimp - We started with 7 and lost 2, most likely from the Flourish supplement. Just placed an order for 10 more :) One female had eggs a week ago, and now she doesn't have them... not sure if they hatched, or if she lost them. Looks like we have 4 females and 1 male (could be female, can't see a "saddle") left. Hopefully we get some baby shrimp soon. 2 Apple Snails (Golden Mystery Snail) - Just acquired these guys to help with algae on the glass. Seem to be doing great.
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