Koro-chan 20 gallons - Your Tanks
User Koro-chan
Size 20 gallons
Date Started 02/01/12
Lighting 2x24 T5HO Solarmax
Equipment SunSun 303B H.O.T. Magnum
CO2 Paintball CO2 with Aquatek regulator: 2 bps 24 hours
Substrate 3 inches of eco-complete 2 inches of U.P. Aqua Shrimp Sand
Parameters Temp: 74 Ph: 6.8 gh:5 kh:1 Nitrate:0 Nitrite:0
Fertilization K2SO4, KH2PO4 3x /week Seachem iron 3x/ week Seachem Flourish 1x/week 1/2 dose gh booster w/ WC
Plants Java Fern hair grass cork screw val java moss petite nana bamboo sparks lots of algae and a few unknowns
Inhabitants 20 CRS S+, SS, SSS 8 otos 2 tiger nerite snails 2 zebra nerite snails 6 MTS
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