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User Kudaria
Size 8 gallons (5 gallon water volumn)
Date Started Feb 10, 2013
Lighting Undecided
Equipment Innovative Marine Nuvo 8g 25W Heater
CO2 Flourish Excel
Substrate Seachem Flourish Black
Parameters ph 7 GH 7 Temp 78
Fertilization Flourish Comp. Flourish Iron Flourish Potassium
Plants Anubius Coffefolia; Dwarf Baby Tears; Microsword; Variegated Japanese Dwarf Rush; Ludwigia Peruensis;
Inhabitants Betta Splendens (Blue Dragonscale)
Comments Filter system is a gravity/flow filter with a pump for the return. I've replaced the last sponge with approximately 60 ml of Seachem Matrix.
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Mark F.
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Nicely scaped
Algae Grower
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Will be nice to see it grown in!
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