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User celticchrys
Size 5.5 Gallons
Date Started 12-15-2007
Lighting Desk lamp with incandescent 60 watt bulb. Bulb will be replaced with a screw-in CF bulb soon.
Equipment I have a Penn-Plax Small World filter. I cut the ends of the cartridge off, emptied it, and filled it with a cut up AquaClear sponge. So in effect, I now have a small air-driven sponge filter. Also a small aquarium heater.
CO2 None, is the plan.
Substrate plain gravel
Parameters trying to keep the Ph around neutral, temp around 78F.
Fertilization Occasional Seachem Flourish perhaps
Plants Java Fern, Java Fern Windelov, Wisteria, 1 small Wendtii Crypt. All taken from my main tank.
Inhabitants So far: two Malaysian Trumpet Snails. Soon, I hope to add a ghost shrimp or two, and then in a few weeks, after vacation, I plan to add a couple of small tetras, barbs, or other small fish.
Comments This tank resides on my desk at work.
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