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User snowfish
Size 55 gallon
Date Started Sept 2007
Lighting 2-48 inch coralife T5
Equipment 2 over tank filters for polishing water
CO2 DIY yeast & weekly excel
Substrate sand & crushed granite (inexpensive chicken grit)
Parameters decidedly unmonitored
Fertilization jobes for lush ferns & palms in substrate periodically
Plants java fern, java moss, crypt wedti, sprite, hygro, anubias nana petite, coffefolia, nana, amazon sword rubins, tiger lotus
Inhabitants 5 clown loaches, 4 rainbows, 5 american-flag fish, 4 ottos, 3 SAE, several platies, 3 gouramis
Comments I live on the huge, expansive Canadian prairrie. My nearest LFS which carries any plants at all is 3 hours away.
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