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User celticchrys
Size 55 US Gallons
Date Started 1-31-2007
Lighting Two 15watt(?) strip lights from two old 10 gallon aquariums.
Equipment Penn Plax Cascade 700 canister filter, heater, glass tops. Several resin caves.
CO2 I did the high tech, high-light thing for a while, and got tired of the maintenance. Now I'm low-light and getting rid of the old CO2 gear, and much happier.
Substrate Flourite mixed about half-and-half with gravel.
Parameters 78 degrees, pretty much neutral Ph.
Fertilization Sparodic doses of Flourish.
Plants Java Fern, Java Fern Windelov, Cryptocorine, Wendti, and Wisteria.
Inhabitants Two clown loaches, one Bristlenose/Bushy Nose Pleco, 3 Brilliant Rasboras(Rasbora Borapatensis), and an indeterminate number of Cherry Barbs.
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