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User saint27
Size 5.5 Gallons
Date Started 12/12/7
Lighting Modifided incandesent lighting hood. Holds two screw in compact fluorescent bulbs(Not Spiral).
Equipment HOB whisper fiilter, Red Sea Paintball CO2, Hagen Ladder
CO2 Red Sea paintball system - 30ppm
Substrate Schultz Aquatic Soil with some fertabs
Parameters 82 degress F, N: 20ppm P: 2 ppm K: ? KH: 7dH GH: 11dH
Fertilization I add a N supplement 3 times a week. Add Leaf Zone once a week for K & Fe
Plants Dwarf Sag, Micro Swords, Blaxya Jap., Sunset Hygro, Anabius petite, Fissidens.
Inhabitants Cherry Shrimp
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