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User saint27
Size 75 gallon
Date Started Reborn 10/10/2009
Lighting 2-T8 ODx2 On for 12 hours a day
Equipment DIY Sump from Rubbermaid containers. DIY 1" PVC Overflows Danner Mag Drive 5 Pump Two Stealth Heathers
CO2 Pressurized Red Sea Regulator, Needle Valve, Drop Checker, and Diffuser
Substrate SMS Charcoal.
Parameters 75 degress F, GH: 11 dH KH: 7 dh
Fertilization EI Dosing Dry Fertz
Plants Plants include; Amazon Sword, Anabuis nana, Sunset Hygro, Hygro Augusfoil, Green Temple, Dwarf Sag, Blyxa Jap.
Inhabitants 10 - White Cloud Minnows 12 - Otocinclus ? - Cherry Shrimp
Comments Tank overheated this summer while I was away on vacation. Killing all the Fania and Flora. This is the phoenix of those ashes. New picture coming soon!
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Algae Grower
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Very nice. I like the big piece of wood you have there neatly swaddled with plants.
Algae Grower
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Nice tank! Looks Great! Would love to see some pics of that DIY sump if you ever get a chance.
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