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User cavemanf16
Size 46G
Date Started 2007-04
Lighting 2x92W Coralife 6700K hood (1 bulb on for 2.5hrs in the morning, then for 7.5 hrs. at night, with other bulb on 2hrs. in mid-evening)
Equipment Eheim 2015 canister filter with various media
CO2 10lb. tank using Milwaukee regulator + bubble counter and RedSea diffuser borrowed from the RedSea DIY CO2 kit.
Substrate two types, forget what they are
Parameters pH ~7.0, nitrates ~15ppm,
Fertilization EI method: 1/2tsp. KNO3 + 1/8tsp. PSO4 3x/wk, CSM+B 3x/wk - alternating days, 5ml Flourish Excel daily
Plants Java ferns, Java moss, Anubias nana, Rotala macandra (not pictured), Amazon sword (pictured) was recently removed and replaced by the Rotala macandra, the tall tiny leafed plants in the back and left side - I forget what they are
Inhabitants 2x Bosemani Rainbows, 2x Parkinson's Rainbows, 1 Turquoise Rainbow, 6x Rasbora Espes, 2x Spotted Plecos, 1 CRS, 1 ghost shrimp
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i see three boseman rainbows, sweet tank.
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