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Size 65 G
Date Started 11/23/2007
Lighting 2 T8 6500 2 T8 10000
Equipment Fluval 305
CO2 4 2L DIY
Substrate Eco-Complete
Parameters ph 7.4 kh 9.6 CO2 11ppm and rising.
Fertilization Flourish & Flourish Trace twice a week 50% water change weekly
Plants Narrow Leaf Chain Sword Narrow leaf Micro Sword Micro Sword Moneywort Rotala indica Ludwigia needleleaf Ludwigia repens Didiplis
Inhabitants 5 Zebra Donios 5 White Cloud Minnows 2 Clown Loaches 3 Golden Gouramis 3 Peral Gouramis 1 Siamese Alge Eater 1 Chinese Alge Eater
Comments Still trying to reach equalibrium. Bluegreen and green algae now.
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I like how you gave progress pictures there- makes it easy to see what you have done :D Nice tank.
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