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User d j hamilton
Size 10 gallon
Date Started august 2007
Lighting 18 watt coralife 10,000k flourescent (1)
Equipment 1 magnum H.O.T 250. (this replaced 2 fluval1's in december 2007....it's AWESOME!)
CO2 airstone with airpump for surface tension break and oxygen. on 12/7 (at night) DIY 2 liter, silicone tubing, airstone under gravel, no valves. on 24-7 puts out stream of tiny bubbles every 3-5 seconds...changed every 3 wks.
Substrate natural pebble sealed aquarium gravel,mixture of medium and small size with 1 oz. per gallon laterite added
Parameters ph: 7.0-7.5 hardness: moderate temp: 79-80 F
Fertilization fish poop and 5ml seacham flourish 2x weekly
Plants (much!)wisteria,sword(Echinodorus palaefolius), and apongeton bulb that appears to be 'Pond Grass'...one of those 'mystery bulbs'.
Inhabitants 3 female betta, 4 otocinclas, 2 peppered corys
Comments got free sick betta from LFS, got tank and filters to let very sick betta die with some dignity, not in a cup, on a shelf...did research...saved betta...more research...betta needs plants to be happy...got plants...did more research...plants need ferts, co2 and laterite to be happy...and so it goes!
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d j hamilton
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new pix of 10gal and new 55 gal, still in setup process to come!
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i was in a very very similar position as you about 6 months ago. if your budget allows you to, replace the gravel with either Eco-complete, Flourite, or the smallest gravel you can find (but not sand). Eco-complete has doen wonders for my tank. also, turn off your airstone. it disrupts the water, and takes out all of the CO2. if you turn it off, your plants will grow much better and be much happier, and in turn they will produce lots of oxygen, replacing the need for an airstone. but good job! i love it when people try to let a betta die with dignity and end up getting sucked into this hobby. :)
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