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User wakemenow
Size 5 gallons
Date Started 12/09/2007
Lighting One 10w CF bulb
Equipment Eclipse Hex 5, air pump and stone
CO2 None introduced yet.
Substrate Inert gravel mixed with laterite.
Parameters Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: very low Nitrate: 30ppm (before last water change, haven't tested since) 78 degrees F
Fertilization Tetra Flora Pride, laterite
Plants Java ferns, anacharis
Inhabitants One zebra danio and 1 small Oranda goldfish (I know they aren't supposed to be mixed but the danio's just placed there temporarily).
Comments It's been up for a few weeks now and is developing a diatom problem (as to be expected), so I'm reducing the light exposure period to about 6 hours a day.
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Goldfish Rule of Thumb: 20 gallons for the first goldfish and 10 gallons more for every other goldfish.
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i think it's okay to keep a single small goldfish in a 5g... assuming 50% water changes are preformed weekly, and there is a long term home available for the fish. i know someone who keeps three in a 12g for his little sister. when they get too big he moves them to his pond and replaces them with little ones. it usually becomes a problem when the fish is the size of the ornament and nobody can remember the last time the water was changed. :P
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No it is not ok. That tank is much to small for even one goldfish. No matter how much water changes you do.
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A pair of cherry barbs would give good color and movement and be much more in line with the size of this tank.
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