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User rmooney
Size 55 g. 36x18x21
Date Started nov. 1 2007
Lighting 2x95w pc
Equipment 200 w jager, 305, 18w uv,
CO2 diy, 2x3 l. bot.
Substrate ADA amzon, Sand
Parameters ph 6.6, kh 3.5,
Fertilization brighty k, step 1, iodine
Plants bocumba, java fern, java moss, rotala indica, ludwigia, pogostemon, anubias nana, eleocharis, didiplis, val, algae:(
Inhabitants tetras, pearl grourami, guppy (males), clown loach, amano shrimp, rcs, otos
Comments just got over some nasty green water, thank god for uv lights.
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dscnjan4.jpg DSCN1682.JPG
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Beautiful because it is *very* natural looking! Excellent use of tank space. Only thing I could suggest is you might consider adding an uneven piece of driftwood to add some texture to the "soft" plantscape.
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*An unusually beautiful tank with dappled light and contrast of red to lime green. Exceptionally healthy, attractive plants with no visible algae. Nice space @ front for viewing/swimming. Lacks VISIBLE hardscape from a few great rocks or some really fine driftwood. Could use some strong vertical plants or vertical slab of rock @ right back area for balance. An excellent beginning and should be even better later!*
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Nice healthy tank.
shrimp pliskin
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Love the overgrowth pic.
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