guppyramkrib2 40 Gallons - Your Tanks
User guppyramkrib2
Size 40 Gallons
Date Started August 2007
Lighting Shoplight 2 40 watt "cool" bulbs
Equipment 100 watt heater
Substrate Soil & Sand
Fertilization N/A
Plants Alternanthera reineckii,Echinodorus martii,Echinodorus amazonicus,Echinodorus tenellus,Crypt. balansae,Crypt. petchii,Crypt. lutea,Crypt.wendtii Red,Ludwigia palustris,Lilaeopsis Micro Sword,Java Moss,Hydrocotyle leucocephala,Anubias barteri,Hygro. difformis,Certopteris,Ceratophylum,Duckweed
Inhabitants 10 Whiteclouds & babies,9 Red wag platies & babies,common pond snails
Comments Low Tec "natural"
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