VenomSS 55 gallons - Your Tanks
User VenomSS
Size 55 gallons
Date Started 2012
Lighting 2x54w 6700k, 2x54w 10k, 9 hour light cycle
Equipment 2x Fluval 305 canisters. one all bio, the other all mechanical
CO2 10lb pressurized, 30ppm monitored with kh4 drop checker
Substrate Eco complete / flourite black sand mix
Fertilization EI method dry ferts. Green leaf aquariums "green pack"
Plants Dwarf baby tears, baby tears, El nino fern, Telantharis Cardinalis
Inhabitants Roseline sharks, Angelicus loaches, SAE's, Nerite snails, German blue Rams, Striped raphael
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