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User asiansensation2000
Size 90 Gallon
Date Started 10/1/2007
Lighting 1 x 400w MH
Equipment Eheim 2217,
CO2 Pressurized 5 lb. Rex Grigg Reg. 30-44 ppm (3 bps), DIY Co2 Reactor, Red Sea bubble counter.
Substrate Red Sea heater cables, play sand, miracle grow soil, laterite mix, 2-3 mm gravel.
Parameters 30-44 ppm co2, phosphate .1, nitrates 20 ppm, potassium 20 ppm, traces, .
Fertilization EI method. 50% w/c, dose dry ferts according to EI chart.
Plants Crinum thaianum, Hygrophila difformis, Ceratopteris thalictroides, Cabomba caroliniana , Echinodorus bleheri, bacopa caoliniana, Rotala indica, Echinodorus (ozelot sword), Rotala rotundafolia, downoi, java fern, dwarf hairgrass, red tiger lotus
Inhabitants marble angel, 11 otos, blue gourami, clown loach, kribensis, 3 bristle nose pleco.
Comments Tank has been up for a month. No huge algae problems to speak far...was afraid of having 400w MH but co2 helps and tons of fast growing plants to start. Not dosing phophates for now until tank really establishes and algae at a minimum.
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how often do you trim the plants in that system? It looks like it might turn into a jungle if it's not kept in check.
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