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User Catie79
Size 20 gallons
Date Started February 15, 2013
Lighting 18w Flourescent T8 tube
Equipment HOB filter, Fluval 106 cannister filter, heater
CO2 Liquid
Substrate Inert sand
Parameters gH 4, kH 2, pH 7.6, A/N/N 0/0/5, temperature 75*F
Fertilization Many, many root tabs, dry ferts once a week, gH booster
Plants crypt wendtii, crypt balanase, leopard vals, subwassertang, java moss, java fern, pennywort
Inhabitants Least killifish (number always increasing), Endler livebearers (currently just 2), 7 dwarf cories, 8 crystal black shrimp, 3 nerite snails, 1 betta splendens male
Comments My micro tank where the fish average only an inch long (the betta is a special case). The base colony used to add little residents to other tanks, knowing that they're probably going to be lunch.
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