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User marshaltito
Size 20 Gallons
Date Started
Lighting 65 watt Coralife Compact-flourescent fixture w/10k bulb (on for 13hrs/day)
Equipment Penguin 100 Bio-wheel filter 100 watt Marineland Stealth heater Tetra 20g-rated air pump (on when lights are off) Eheim automatic feeder (testing for vacation)
CO2 none
Substrate 30lbs Flourite Red
Fertilization every 2 weeks Flourish (inconsistent)
Plants Valisneria sp., Hygrophila difformis, Bacopa sp. 'Colorata' (unconfirmed), Java Moss, Anubias (unidentified - perhaps sp. minima)
Inhabitants Flame Gourami, Otocinclus (5), Endler's (3), Dwarf Puffers (2), Cherry Red Shrimp (20-ish)
Comments Tank has only had fish in it since the beginning of October. Serious algae problem right now - attempting to control with shrimps and Otocinclus. Have juvenile Endler's in smaller tank waiting to go in along with some more shrimp and a Cabomba plant.
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That's a lotta wattage for low tech and a long photoperiod but it sure is a clean-looking setup.
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