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User ollyjo
Size 55 Gallons, 48
Date Started August 2012
Lighting Marineland Plant LEDS Green/White/Blue
Equipment Marineland Multi-Stage Canister C-220 2- Maxiject 900s on bottom mainfold w/ aerator. About 600 GPH.
CO2 None
Substrate White sand, river pebble, driftwood, river rock
Parameters 74-78 Degrees 7.5-8.5 PH Phosphates .5
Fertilization Flourite
Plants Anubias nanas, Anubias, Anacharis, lucky bamboo,Cyperus, Hornwort, Java Fern. Red Mangrove Hyacinth
Inhabitants Gastropoda:Mystery snails, Malaysian Trumpet Snails 2- Bamboo shrimp, 1 male Stiphodon Percnopterygionus, 1 male Stiphodon Atropurpureus (Blue Neon Goby),
Comments My amazon jungle river tank. Hi flow/oxygen river tank. Required for Stiphodons and Gastromyzons. Made custom bottom river mainfold connected to the 2 Maxijet 900s w/ aerator inlet.
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