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User DiabloCanine
Size 20 Gallons
Date Started 2007
Lighting 2 x 55 watt AH Supply PCs and enclosure
Equipment eheim 2213, stealth 25 watt heater
CO2 glass diffuser powered by a 2 port manifold on a 5 lb cylinder
Substrate Soil Master Select
Parameters PH=6 KH=2
Fertilization Tropica Master Grow and GW ferts
Plants Rotala Macrandra, Rotala Indica, Red Myrio
Inhabitants None yet
Profile Views 826
Mark F.
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I'd love to see an update on this tank - I especially like what appears to be a cork bark cave underneath the substrate; very creative approach! Obviously you've got some plants you're not listing (foreground plants, sword plant?); would be nice to see how all have grown out around the cave. What sort of inhabitants do you have in there now?
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