DiabloCanine 55 - Your Tanks
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User DiabloCanine
Size 55
Date Started 2007
Lighting 2 Finnex 2 x 54 watt T5
Equipment Fluval 204 x 2, 2 air driven sponge filters, Won Pro-heat 150 watt heater
CO2 2 glass diffuser powered by a 5 port manifold connected to a 20 lb cylinder.
Substrate Soil Master Select
Parameters PH=6 KH=2
Fertilization Tropica Master Grow and GW ferts
Plants Swords, Ambulia, Hygro
Inhabitants Apistos, whiptail cats, ABNs
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Mark F.
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I personally dig your simple-but-lush center-focus composition, nicely offset by some of the smaller plantings in the rear right-hand corner.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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I agree, sweet setup!
Planted Member
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Very very cool. It's nice to see something different.
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