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User dthb4438
Size 55 gallon
Date Started April 2007-rescaped 2009
Lighting two 65 watt & two 24 watt 6500K daylights with lunar aqualights and digital power center
Equipment Eheim 2217 external filter, 200 watt Fluval heater
CO2 pressurized CO2 with 5 lb tank, external reactor and automatic shutoff with the lights.
Substrate 3 ADA Aquasoil II (normal sized pellets)
Parameters Temp-74-78F, ph-7.0 to 7.2
Fertilization 50% weekly water changes
Plants Red tiger Lotus, Narrow Leaf Java fern, Christmas Moss, Hemianthus callitrichoides
Inhabitants Neons, Red Cherry shrimp, Amano shrimp, Otocinclus, African rope fish (freshwater eel), male and female bettas
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Very creative+ cool use of moss! It makes the wood look like palm trees. In my opinion, you should get a small school of rainbow fish and/or some rasboras (at least something big and colorful) to add more awesomeness to the tank. You should also consider taking some cuttings off the top of those ludwigias to thin them out and (if you want) create a small forest in the background. How did you get the HC to grow on the back? Is that wire mesh i see? :D Also, how did you get the moss on the wood? Great tank!
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