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User thelyzardiam
Size 20 Gallon Long
Date Started 10.01.08 and 12.03.12
Lighting Aqueon Craptastic 35W full spectrum bulb.
Equipment Marineland Penguin 200
CO2 Fluval 88 kit with 20bpm
Substrate 20lbs Carribsea black sand and 15lbs Flourite under
Parameters Not sure on exact but the ammonia is in the safe zone on the Seachem reader, water is hard and alkaline with 0ppm of Nitrites and last test I ran barely detected Nitrates on the strip.
Fertilization Seachem Flourish once a week and Seachem plant tabs.
Plants Vallisneria americana, 2 types of Anubias, Cryptocoryne wendtii, 1 unknown cryptocoryne, 1 large Microsorum pteropus with several smaller creations from Momma Plant, najas guadalupensis and Echinodorus 'Indian Red' or Echinodorus "Rubin" not sure which.
Inhabitants 3 constantly pregnant female and 1 virile male Guppy, 3 Gold Neons, 2 Neons, 5 Glowlites, 2 Cardinals, 1 Prestilla Tetra, 1 Banjo Cat, 3 Kuhli Loaches, 1 huge Cory cat and a smaller Cory Cat buddy for him and Fred the Betta. There are also several ghost shrimp, 3 nerites, 15 newly added Red Cherry Shrimp (WHICH BETTER BREED!) and one Thai Mussel.
Comments High probability there are black worms living in the substrate, not sure.
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