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User nvrmor2paradise
Size 18x24x36 65g
Date Started 8-19-07
Lighting Coralife Aqualight Delux Lunarlight 1x96w @ 6700k 1x96w @ 10000k 2x.75w blue LEDs
Equipment Magnum 350 BioPro Current Prime 1/10 hp chiller Hydor 201 200w inline heater 20w Root Therm substrate heater APC 750ES UPS
CO2 Nutrafin
Substrate 60lbs florite red
Parameters 7.0ph 78deg F
Fertilization Plantgrow
Plants Ugggg!
Inhabitants Tinfoils, Balas, Placos, Albino shark
Comments The equipment works great! The fish on the other hand...
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