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User Crossocheilus
Size 176L/47 US gal
Date Started Summer 2012
Lighting 2 24w fluorescent tubes + reflectors + 2x 30w T8 equiv. Arcadia Eco aqua LED 2.3 W/US gal
Equipment Aquamanta EFX 1000u external filter Heater 200W
CO2 None
Substrate JBL Manado + JBL Aquabasis plus
Parameters 50mg/L nitrates pH 7.6 Very hard water
Fertilization Nutrafin Plant Gro
Plants Crypt. balansae, java fern & moss, anubias barteri var nana, hygro. rosae australis, hygro. corymbosa, hygrophila difformis, Limnophila Heterophylla,Bacopa monnieri
Inhabitants 1 cherry barbs, 6 sterba's corys., 1 SAE, 2 Pearl Gouramis, 16 Copper Rasboras, 3 Emperor Tetras
Comments BTW i am in UK and 14 years old.
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Pretty tank, congrats, I like it.
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