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User mrbman7
Size 55 Gallons
Date Started October 13th
Lighting Coralife 4 x 65W
Equipment Rena XP3, Inline heater, Flowmeter, Pressurized CO2, inline CO2 reactor.
CO2 Pressurized: 5lb cylinder with Rex Regulator and clifford needle. Inline CO2 Reactor.
Substrate Eco Complete
Parameters PH: 6.6 KH: 6 Degrees GH: 6 Degrees
Fertilization EI Method according to the 40 - 60 Specs 10ml excel daily 5ml Flourish every other day
Plants Java Fern, HC, Java Moss, and others that I dont know the name of :)
Inhabitants 7 Rummy Nose Tetra's, 6 Bolivian Rams, 1 Marble Horn Pleco, 5 Oto's, 1 SAE. Unknown number of Cherry Shrimp
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I love the plant growth in your tank.
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now that's an aquascape!
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