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User tippeecanoe
Size 20g
Date Started Re-started 01 Jan 2013
Lighting 4.5Wpg florescent
Equipment DIY wet/dry sump w/siphon overflow
CO2 None
Substrate play sand
Parameters pH: 7.2 GH: tbd KH: 2dKH NH3: 0.0 NO2: 0.0 NO3: 20.0
Fertilization Occasional Fe
Plants Nymphaea lotus Cryptocoryne wendtii "Brown" Limnobium laevigatum Rotala indica Nymphoides aquatica Sagittaria subulata Microsorium pteropus "narrow" Taxiphyllum sp.
Inhabitants P. scalare spp. Corydoras spp.
Comments For photos of this tank, go to: http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/pGallery.php?do=viewuser&uid=53158
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