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User SouthernGorilla
Size 10
Date Started November 2012
Lighting Aqueon LED. All three strips installed. No idea about the temperature, PAR, lumens, or anything else. Just the cheapest LED for the size.
Equipment Tom's Rapid's Mini Canister * Top Fin heater (I think Top Fin anyhow) * Whisper air pump
CO2 None
Substrate Flourite base with Top Fin black sand cap
Fertilization Irregular Flourish dosing
Plants Egeria Densa * Bacopa caroliniana * Dwarf cryptocoryne (I think) * Nymphoides aquatica * Moss balls * Red Rotala (Maybe) * Dwarf hairgrass (one lonely clump)
Inhabitants 1 betta * 3 pomacea bridgesii * 1 peppered cory * 2 albino cories * 5-7 ghost shrimp * 2 clams (probably mussels, actually)
Comments I tinker with the tank too much. We've had other fish that didn't last. Cherry shrimp have disappeared. Plants have been eaten. I have more plants on the way. This tank is my training ground and experimental laboratory.
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