Myrr 4 gallon growout - Your Tanks
User Myrr
Size 4 gallon growout
Date Started 1/26/13
Lighting Desk light at 15w, 6500K
Equipment Heater, bubbler
CO2 none
Substrate none
Parameters 0/0/0, unknown
Fertilization None
Plants Anacharis clippings, pennywort, moneywort, java and peacock moss,salvinia minima, frogbit, dwarf water lettuce, water lettuce, Hygroryza aristata, java fern.
Inhabitants Guppy fry
Comments Growout for my recent guppy brood- Got a female and the next day she gifted me a few surprise little ones. Growout is to ensure they're safe while my tank re-cycles/ stabilizes after a recent move. They love the room to zoom around :)! **Net is from when they were 1-5 days old to ensure I could watch them eat. I called it their "baby hammock"!!
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