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User fjf888
Size 72 gallon
Date Started with plants 9-15-07
Lighting 260W Coralife 65x4 6700k
Equipment Wet/Dry Trickle filter
CO2 Ultralife CO2 system
Substrate Standard fine diameter gravel supplemented with laterite
Parameters p.H 6.8, GH 9, KH 4, NO3 10-20,
Fertilization every other day with Kent K-Fe product
Plants Amazon swords, Hornwort (temporarily to cover co2 reactor inside), Java fern, Rotala indica, Rotala Macrandra, Red Cambomba, Vals
Inhabitants 3 Angelfish, 3 Brochis Catfish, 2 Bristlenose Plecos, 14 ghost shrimp, 9 diamond tetra, 3 danio (glofish)
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Carla G
Junior Member
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Nice looking tank!
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Beautiful tank! Must be a real conversation piece in your home!
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