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Size 100g
Date Started December 12,2012
Lighting Aqualiclife 54x6 T5HO, 2-6700k bulbs, 2-10,000k bulbs 2- floramax bulbs/
Equipment Hydor inline 300w heater, DIY CO2 reactor, FX5 filter, fluval 205 filter, Hydor 500gph fan, drop checker,
CO2 Azoo Regulator, 5lb CO2 Bottle, inline reactor
Substrate Flourite Black mix with PH stabalizing sand..
Parameters 60ppm Nitrate, 6,3 pH, Drop checker is bright yellow.
Fertilization PPS-pro, CSM+B, KNO3, K2SO4, Mg2SO4 ferts from greenleaf aquarium, Seachem root tabs
Plants Rotala MAcradra, Teneiws, Giossostigme, Liloieopis Mauntius, Dwarf Serggitaria, Dwarf Aquarium Lilly, Kleiner Prinz, Green Ozelot, Ruby Red Melon, Crypt lutea, Crypt Wenditii Tropica, Wisteria, Eusteralis Stellata, Crypt Wendtii Red, Narrow Leaf Ludwigia, Bundi Rotala Botundifolia, Watersprite Tralictrolides, Pennywort, Crypt Spiralis, Purple Caborba, Myriophyllum Mattengrosse
Inhabitants 45 Ghost Shrimp, 13 Veiled Angels, 3 Clown Loaches, Royal Pleco, 2 bristlenose pleco, 12 otos, 13 Serpea Tetras, 6 bolivian blushing tetras
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I really like the false rock wall, its very convincing.
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