graememullen 20G high - Your Tanks
User graememullen
Size 20G high
Date Started 10/10/2007
Lighting dual 19W
Equipment Eclipse II hood
CO2 DIY CO2 (2L bottle, airstone, bubbles trapped under a plastic cup)
Substrate Seachem Flourite
Fertilization 2 Floradose tablets to start off
Plants 2 Anacharis 4 Rotala indica 3 Blood Stargrass 6 Japanese Fans 3 Dwarf Lily Plants 15 Dwarf Onions 2 Ambulia 15 Tall Sagittaria subulata 2 medium red-spot Ozelot swords 15 Crypt Walkeri 4 Java Ferns
Inhabitants 2 x neon blue dwarf gouramis 3 x sunset wag platies 5 x glowlight tetras 1 x neon blue tetra 1 x oto catfish
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