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Six & Half Months Developed 55 Gallon Planted Phillipine Blue Angelfish System-4.jpg
User haoly123
Size 55
Date Started August, 2012
Lighting Florescent 2x 32w 6500k T8
Equipment Rena Xp2 and truAqua 200w Heater
CO2 None
Substrate Clay foundation, layered with dirt, layered with Eco-Complete
Plants Swords, Vals, Crypts, Ludwigia, and Dwarf Sag
Inhabitants 8 Phillipine Blue Angelfish, 8 German Blue Ram, 30+ Minnows
Comments This tank is the outcome of the generosity of this community. To your right is my Cryptocorynes garden. In the middle is my beautiful Sagittaria carpet, backed up my my lush drooping Ludwigia which is also accompanied by my monstrous Leopard Vallisneria. And to your left is my most favorite part of my tank, my mountain of Amazon Swords, with a base surrounded by Cryptocorynes. Your efforts, knowlegde, and generosity when I first started this tank 6 months ago are greatly appreciated. I want to thank everyone for this great tank I have. I never dreamed of it becoming like this. A 16 year old kid with an interest for Angelfish and plants but had no money finally got what he wanted. Thank you Planted Tank Community! Extra special thanks to cookymonster760 for giving me the deal of a lifetime.
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Wow, what a gorgeous tank. I'm also a huge fan of angels and you've done a great job with the lush greenage without CO2. I can only imagine how it'll look in another 6 months.
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Spectacular... Love your plant arrangements, esp. the Crypt garden. Growing them as foreground is something new but effective..
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