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User algae-king
Size 20 gallons
Date Started Sept 9, 2007
Lighting 65 watts for now (my other 24watt light is out of order at the moment).
Equipment Power head and quick filter
CO2 No
Substrate Unsterilized top soil on the bottom (from the garden nursery) and plain old gravel on the top.
Parameters PH 7.2
Fertilization Fish food
Plants Dwarf hairgrass, cabomba, Didiplis diandra, Hemianthus micranthemoides, Ludwigia repens, Rotala macrandra, Anubias barteri 'Nana', java moss, duckweed.
Inhabitants 4 glowlite tetras, 6 neons, 4 lemon tetras, 2 platties, 4 zebra danios
Comments This is a Walstad tank, but with more light. I will see how long I can go without water changes.
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