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User rbguillermo
Size 5 gals
Date Started February 1, 2013
Lighting T5 Fluorescent lamp 15 watts
Equipment JEBO 501 Super Mini External Hang On Filter, Angel Drops Clarifier for As Neutralizer and water conditioner and Angel Drops Vita for Fish Supplement
CO2 Dwarf's Liquid Carbon Dioxide
Substrate First layer: 0.5 kg garden soil Second layer: 4.5 kg pure black sand
Parameters N/A
Fertilization Tetra Liquid Trace Nutrients for Freshwater Aquaria
Plants Amazon Sword Plant, Malayan Fern, Java moss, Cryptocoryne, Tall Sagittaria, Corkscrew, Anubias petite, Ludwigia repens, Foxtail, Brazilian Microsword, Ricia and Hydrilla
Inhabitants (10) Neon tetra (3) Siamese Algae eater (4) guppy (7) Red cherry shrimp (?) snail/s
Comments As part of my relaunch campaign of my 5 gals tank, I decided to add more plants and create a beautiful lush for my "Dutch inspired" tank. Im just looking forward for the continuous growth and health of the plants even though a CO2 diffuser is initially unavailable. *Fingers crossing :)
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Algae Grower
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Nice setup bossing! I'm looking forward for your plants to grow well. ^^,
Jarek Strzechowski
Algae Grower
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Very pretty tank!! I would consider adding a UV sterilizer to get rid of the green color of your water.
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thanks mam.... That picture was taken after setting up hence the sediment and blurry quality of the water. Anyway, I would take your suggestion regarding the algae control. Thank you
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