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User gkdragon
Size 24G
Date Started January 2007
Lighting Stock Hood, 2x36 watt PC lights at 6500K running for 10.5Hrs.
Equipment Internal Overflow Filter[Coarse Filter Media, Medium Filter Media, Fine Filter Media, Ceramic Rings, Bio Balls], 100 watt submersible heater, Air Pump (when lights are off)
CO2 DIY 2L Yeast Generator with power difusion chamber.
Substrate 100% Flourite Regular
Parameters 78'F Temp, 6.5 PH
Fertilization Drip line feeds mixture of Excel, Iron, Phosphate, Potasium, Nitrogen, etc.
Plants Java Moss, Cabomba Green, Tiger Lotus Green, Tiger Lotus Red, Java Fern, Corkscrew Val, Riccia Fluitans, and Rotala macrandra green.
Inhabitants 16x Neon Tetra's, 6X Otocinclus, 8x Amano's, and 24X+ Cherry Shrimp
Comments Tank is a 24G Nano from JBL, only complaint, as with all JBL products that use fans, is the fans fail after 6 months, have already had to replace in this tanks attached hood and another tanks hood.
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