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User Myrr
Size 10g Standard
Date Started 1/20/13
Lighting Marineland LED strip, 9hrs/day
Equipment Penguin 100 Filter, heater
CO2 None, maybe Hagen yeast w/ ladder soon
Substrate Eco Complete
Parameters 0/0/trace, unknown
Fertilization Aqueon Liquid, API root tabs and Seachem root tabs
Plants Java and peacock moss, cuttings of rotala, moneywort, Brazillian pennywort and anacharis, crypt wedtii, dwarf sag, blyxa, hygrophilia, niphioides sp. 'Taiwan', marsilea quadrifolia, Hygroryza aristata, Dwarf water lettuce, water lettuce, /salvinia minima, and frogbit.
Inhabitants Male guppy, 3 female guppies, 1 female betta splenden, nerite snails, MTS
Comments Recently started this one up as a "rescue" tank for a few guppies who were in a 1g bowl of death from my neighbors. Seeing how things go in this one, which is more or less my "throw it in, see what happens" and cuttings tank. Decor is corny looking but was so my roommate could have a "cool tank" to look at instead of a "boring" one :)
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