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User Aldor
Size 18
Date Started 16.08.2007
Lighting 2 x 18w philips 830
Equipment boyu intern filter 600l/h
CO2 no
Substrate 0.1 - 0.8 mm
Fertilization plantamin
Plants bacopa caroliniana echinodorus ozelot vallisneria minitwister vallisneria americana cabomba caroliniana jawa moss egeria densa ludwigia repens cryptocoryne x willisii hidrophila diformis ophiopogon pusillus
Inhabitants 22 paracheirodon innesi 5 barbus tetrazona 1 brachidanio rerio 2 brachidanio frankei 3 corydoras albino 4 pomacea
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I keep hearing people push high lighting but then I see awesome aquaria like this with simple lighting and common setup. Almost 30 years ago I lived in Korea, knew next to nothing about aquarium plants and fish and had plants so thick I had to replace the undergravel filter due to root growth. Makes one wonder.
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your amazon sword looks unhealthy try tablet ferts
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