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User Architect1
Size 110 gallons
Date Started feb 2006
Lighting 3 ikea lighting hoods, with 3 energy efficient bulbs that are 100 watts each.
Equipment Rena Filstar xp3 ehim 200 heater ehim 250 heater ehim auto feeder.
CO2 nope
Substrate Silica sand 4 bags
Parameters beats the [censored] out of me. ph is 7.2 nites are about 10 to 25
Fertilization 0
Plants fake
Inhabitants 9 discus 2 blue dimonds 1 blue turq 2 Mandarin passion 4 Gold snake skins 9 Sword tails 1 albino bushy nosed pleco 1 sea algae eater
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Planted Tank Guru
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