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User night9eyes
Size 90 Gallon
Date Started January 2013
Lighting 4x54 watt T5HO (2x6700k Wave point Tropic Sun and 2 Ultra Growth wave point bulbs) 2x28 watt t5- 1x6700k and 1 Coralife Colormax
Equipment Eheim canister filter, hydor inline heater, DIY co2 reactor, powerhead, purigen media reactor, UV sterilizer when necessary
CO2 #10 co2 tank, victor duel stage regulator, runs 11 hours while lights are on
Substrate 50 lbs of clay capped by 1.5 inches of silica sand
Parameters 6.4ph
Fertilization PPS pro daily, Equilibrium on occasion, DIY oscomote root tabs
Plants Red Jungle Vals, Dwarf lilys, Red tiger lotus, Ludwigia arcuata, Ludwigia sp. Rubin, Rotala Wallichii, Rotala Rotundifolia, Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden', Alternanthera reineckii "Cardinalis' , various crypts, dwarf sag
Inhabitants 1 Silver Blue Angelfish, Pearl gouramis, turqouise rainbowfish, boesemani rainbowfish, Austrailian rainbowfish, Madagascar Rainbowfish, New Guinea Rainbowfish ,German Blue Rams, panda cory, SAE, 1 breeding pair of bristlenose albino plecos
Comments Initial planting in January 2013. This tank had a different setup and decided to rescape last year. Latest picture posted as of January 2014.
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