Redtail84 20 gallon long - Your Tanks
User Redtail84
Size 20 gallon long
Date Started Feb. 2012
Lighting 20W LED flood, 3 x 10W spiral CFL on 9 hr light cycle
Equipment Filters: AC 20 and Penguin 100 - Heater: Marineland Visi-Therm 100W - Whisper air pump to off-gas CO2 during lights out
CO2 DIY jello method through glass diffuser
Substrate Quick Crete All Purpose Sand
Parameters Temp: 78F pH: 6.6
Fertilization Weekly dose of Flourish
Plants Vallisneria asiatica - Corkscrew Val; Echinodorus bleheri - Amazon Sword; Anubias nana; Anubias brateri 'congensis'; Sagittaria subulata - Dwarf Sag; Microsorum pteropus - Java Fern; Glossostigma elatinoides; Cryptocoryne wendtii - Red wendtii crypt
Inhabitants 1 male black molly, 1 female sunset platy, 1 male tequila sunrise guppy, 6 neon tetras 2 otos, 6 nerite snails (5 olive and 1 zebra)
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